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The Tax Attorneys, CPA's and Tax Professionals at BEFP understand the stress and frustration that comes with having a tax liability. Let's face it millions of Americans have been affected by the economy, bad luck, or missing tax returns. Many individuals and businesses simply do not have the time or ability to adequately represent themselves before the IRS or state taxing authorities. This lack of time or knowledge leads to overbearing financial hardships due to attempts of aggressive collection activity. The IRS and State use Bank levies, Tax Liens on property or credit, Wage garnishments, Audits and criminal prosecution as ultimatums. There is a way to get back on track! Our Tax Resolution professionals specialize in resolving these tax issues utilizing a number of methods and programs offered by the IRS under the "New IRS Fresh Start Initiative". At BEFP protection from collections resolving the issues and educating our clients is paramount. When done well, tax relief programs are a win-win for the IRS and taxpayers. The IRS gets a compliant tax payer and our clients get a FRESH START. This is why hiring legal representation is essential when it comes to properly resolving a tax matter. Furthermore, hiring the right legal representation is just as important!



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